Domestic and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Minerals and Water


Apart from contaminants in tap water, there are a number of minerals in water which are beneficial to the human body. These include calcium, magnesium and zinc. However, the forms of these minerals normally present in water (i.e. inorganic, elemental forms) are not readily absorbed by the body. Generally only around 10% of these minerals can be absorbed. Unfortunately, is no longer possible to derive sufficient minerals from our food, owing to nutrient depletion of our agricultural soils. As the pressure to supply food to growing populations increases, nutrient depletion will become increasingly serious. The result is that most people, in both the developed and the less developed world, are both dehydrated and nutrient-deprived.

Dr Robert Verkerk

Dr Robert Verkerk, a leading expert on agriculture, health and nutritional issues, states: “Because of the array of chemicals in tap water, which may include fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, hormones and heavy metals, the healthiest option is to remove these using a reverse osmosis system and then supplement the body with the minerals you need using a premium liquid, ionized, sub-colloidal mineral supplement. Owing to the nutrient depletion of agricultural soils caused by intensive farming methods, we can no longer derive these minerals from our food.”


A Scientist's View On Us

Dr Robert Verkerk also endorses the Freshly Squeezed Water RO System:

“Although RO systems have been available to the domestic market for the last 10 or so years, they have failed to become a mass commodity – they have been simply too expensive for the average person. As a society, if we are to seriously address preventative health and get on top of the major killers like heart disease and cancer, we must get to the route causes of these diseases. There is no doubt that dehydration and mineral deficiency are at the core of most ill-health suffered in western countries. Freshly Squeezed Water in my opinion is the first company in the world to have come up with a financial and marketing package that allows everyone to drink and cook in RO water. Freshly Squeezed Water now makes it possible for every person in every household to drink 2 or 3 litres of fresh, clean water everyday. Doing this will have a profound and very positive effect on the health of the nation.”


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