Domestic and Commercial Hard Water Treatment System

FSWS HWT - Hard Water Treatment System


FSWS-HWT Hard Water Treatment is the most powerful and long lasting hard water treatment available.

The system treats hard water in buildings, appliances and heating systems, mostly from one installation positioned close to the rising mains (stop tap or cock)

If there are large water heating appliances in the building then additional systems are recommended to be installed on the Secondary Hot Water Return Pipes( applies to offices and hotels).

FSWS-HWT will de-scale plumbing, appliances and facilities in a building in a short space of time. Here is a typical application:

Day 2
The FSWS-HWT immediately starts to soften scale in the cold and hot water system. Skin & hair will start to feel softer & silky
Day 4
Scale begins to come off the boiler, small particles may be seen in the hot water, this is not harmful
Day 15
Scale will start to flake off the kettle element and shower head- a good time to clean it out as deposits may restrict the flow. It should also be possible to turn down the thermostat on the boiler as it will work more efficiently with less scale
1 month
Scale crust in the WC and taps will be much easier to remove, no new scale will form, only the slight calcium residue which can easily be wiped off. Mould will start to disappear from shower curtains and not re appear if cleaned off. The thermostat can be turned down again as the boiler becomes de scaled. You should also be able to use less detergent in the washing and the clothes will retain colour and softness as the scale is gradually removed from the fibres. Depending on the hardness of the water, it can take up to 12 weeks to finally reach this stage. The system will also prevent future accumulations of hard scale deposits throughout the building.

The FSWS-HWT systems are guaranteed against mechanical breakdown for 3 years and they have a 20 year design life.
The systems are maintenance free and as long as water flows through the treatment area they will continue to be effective.

FSWS-HWT Hard Water Treatment will not remove any minerals from the water supplies. The process physically changes the hard scale Calcium particles to a powder that allows the natural flow of water through the building to flush away.


How does it work?

Using sonic frequency which oscillates between 9 and 10 times per second, the FSWS-HWT is able to reduce surface tension in the water. This leads to breaking up and re-absorption of existing lime scale built up within plumbing and appliances. In essence the scale residue is now that of powder which is flushed away down drains as and when taps are in use.



  • Reduced heating bills
  • Less soaps and cleaning products used
  • Reduced unsightly scum, scale, mould and mildew from taps, basins and showers
  • Kinder to skin, softer hair and clothes
  • Assistance with bacteriological control
  • Costly maintenance reduced
  • Longer equipment life


Running Costs

Energy running costs: approx. £8.79/year Energy usage: 1.8kw/year



FSWS-HWT systems are installed by us, or can be self fitted.


Purchase Costs

  • £349.00




Hard Water Treatment for UK domestic and commercial properties with Freshly Squeezed Water







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